Common Myths About Solid Surface Shower Products

Solid surface showers are an excellent investment, thanks to the various benefits. It assures you a seamless appearance, enhanced customization, non-porosity, and easy installation. Its thermoformable properties ensure that it can withstand extreme temperatures, including taking any shape when heated. Yet, most people associate it with various myths that we need to debunk. They include the following.

Shower Wall Panels Are Cheap and Weak

Most people consider shower wall panels to be significantly cheap and weak. Yet, this is not the case. While you might look at them from the outside and assume so, these shower wall panels are significantly thick. You will choose from various thickness levels, preferably 3/8 inches and above.

At the same time, these panels are significantly strong. You will choose one depending on its quality and robustness. With multiple choices at your disposal, it will be easy to identify something that appeals to your taste and preferences.

Further, people assume that acrylic is the only material used to make solid surface shower panels. Yet, we have various options on the market, including fiberglass, PVC, and laminated shower panels.

Only Standard Sizes Apply

Most people believe that solid surface shower panels are found in standard sizes only. Yet, solid shower panels come in different sizes, whether or not standardized. Today, manufacturers can produce shower panels that measure up to 144  by 100 inches. This element implies you will get the panel sizes you need whenever necessary.

At the same time, you do not need a single panel to cover a wall. Instead, you can use multiple boards to realize a particular pattern or surface. Using many trim pieces can still make the surface appear as a single panel.

Thickness Is Critical

Undoubtedly, wall panel thickness is integral to the process. It assures you of enhanced durability and robustness. Yet, it is not the only critical aspect. You can choose a thinner material and still get the same results. It all depends on its quality and the solid surface wall panels you will adhere to. However, affordability will depend on the thickness level.

 Shower Panels Are Extremely Smooth and Slippery

Most people shy away from shower panels, saying they are too smooth and slippery for them. Nothing could be further from the truth. This myth encourages senior people in society not to use shower panels. Yet, most of these panels are non-slip, meaning that you will be stable and safe when using them.

Another myth is that cultured marble and solid surfaces are the same. However, the truth is that both surfaces have similarities. They all highlight a blend of natural pigments, mineral fillers, and resin. Yet, they are distinct in so many ways, including functionality.

Solid surface shower installation is an invaluable addition to your bathroom. Relying on a professional to handle the process assures you of incredible returns. Superior Surface is your ultimate partner in this journey. We offer fantastic solid surface options, bathroom remodeling services, and shower remodeling. Call us today via (916)992-4468 and get a quote.