Is Solid Surface Less Expensive Than Granite?

Selecting your kitchen top is an essential aspect you need to consider in detail. You will see this section of your kitchen every day. Therefore, your kitchen countertop must meet all the requirements you want to demonstrate to your visitors and see for many years. 

Today, people must decide between solid surface countertops and granite surfaces. This seems to be a major issue of concern because everyone is looking to achieve their basic house improvements while saving money. The major question that most individuals ask is whether the solid surface is less expensive than granite. 

1. Easy to Install

A solid surface is less expensive than granite in terms of installation. For starters, a solid surface is always manufactured in a rectangular shape. This means it will take the installer less time to cut and install it on your countertop than on a granite countertop. A solid surface is also easy to install because it has an adhesive backing. This implies that the installer will not need any special tools or methods to install it.

2. Less Expensive

When it comes to the initial cost, a solid surface is less expensive than granite. This is because a solid surface can be manufactured to look like granite. Therefore, you will not have to spend extra money buying the actual granite. In addition, a solid surface is less expensive because it does not require sealing. You will be saving money by selecting solid surface bathroom walls with granite walls due to the reduction of initial costs.

3. Easier to Maintain

Maintaining any countertop seems to be a daunting task for any homeowner. This is due to the fact that you must make sure the worktop is clean and free of debris or spills. However, a solid surface is easier to maintain than granite. A solid surface does not require sealing. A solid surface also has fewer pores and is simpler to clean than laminate or Formica. When it comes to maintaining your countertop, you will save money.

4. Better Warranty

When you purchase a solid surface, you will be getting a better warranty than when you purchase granite. Solid surface manufacturers have more confidence in their products. The manufacturers offer a better warranty because they know that their product is easier to install and maintain. This is a factor that is directly related to cost.

5. Resale Value

You cannot ignore that a solid surface has a higher resale value than granite. This is because a solid surface is more durable and easier to maintain. In addition, a solid surface will look new even after many years. This is an important factor to consider if you plan to sell your house in the future.


A solid surface is less expensive than granite in terms of installation, initial cost, and maintenance. You will also be getting a better warranty when you purchase a solid surface. Therefore, you should consider selecting a solid surface for your next countertop project. Contact Superior Surface Solutions LLC for all your solid surface needs.