The Incredible Benefits of Solid Surface Showers

The application of solid surface showers is becoming more common nowadays because of the several benefits they offer.

A solid surface is man-made and usually consists of alumina trihydrate, epoxy, acrylic, or polyester resin, and pigments for color. A solid surface generally comes in panels. Their usage is for producing seamless countertops and other surfaces, such as solid surface shower walls.

Benefits of solid surface shower

As an essential part of a bathroom, you want to have a durable shower. Solid surface showers come with several benefits, including:

  • Nonporous: Showers and bathtubs are a high moisture area. Among the main benefits of solid surface products are that they are nonporous. This implies that moisture will not penetrate the surface. Moreover, solid surface shower pans do not require to be sealed, thus making them a low-maintenance option. 
  • Seamless appearance: Regardless of solid surface products, such as bathtubs, shower pans, solid surface shower walls, and wall panels appearing seamless, it is not likely they came as one solid piece. You fit these materials such that seams are invisible and make the illusion of seamlessness and minimize the number of crannies and nooks you will need to clean. 
  • One-stop-shop: Some showers mix different building materials such as tile and fiberglass in the design. While this can generate a custom appearance, it can create a myriad of issues. Different building materials need different cleaners and cleaning techniques. Moreover, they may require replacement or repair at different times, causing more work to maintain the bathroom in an appropriate condition. However, solid surface showers can address all of your requirements in one material. These materials can form shower pans, bathtubs, and showers enclosures-regardless of your requirements, you will get an appropriate solid surface.
  • Highly customizable: Solid surface shower wall products are very diverse; a wide range of patterns and colors are available for solid surface showers. These tubs or shower pans are customizable to flawlessly compliment the shower wall panels. Furthermore, these materials can be thermoformed, meaning that regardless of the shape or size of your shower, they can be designed to your specific dimensions.
  • Can be refinished: The term solid surface means that the material is continuous. Thus, if the walls get scratched, you can sand and refinish them to eliminate imperfections to restore their appearance. A bathroom renovation or installation is a process that involves a lot of decisions to be made and a great deal of labor. Thus, opting for a shower that can be revitalized assists in increasing peace of mind.
  • Grout-free: Since solid surface, shower surroundings can be custom-made to look like a tile or stone without the grout, you can relish the attractive design minus the maintenance associated with grout.
  • Safe and non-slip: The gloss shine associated with solid surface products gives the impression that the surfaces are too slippery for a shower. In contrast, solid surface materials can be textured, making them comfortable and safe for your showers.