The Cleanliness and Sanitary Qualities of Solid Surface Countertops

When you’re trying to decide between quartz, granite or solid surface countertops, it can be a tough decision. It’s hard to decide between the beauty of natural stone versus solid surface countertops, which are also quite attractive—and have better cleanliness and sanitary qualities than other countertop types.

Not sure how to decide? Read on to learn more about solid surface counters and why you should consider having them in your home.

What is a solid surface countertop?

Solid surface countertops use a mixture of mineral dust, like marble, that is mixed with resins and pigments to form a less porous countertop. They’re bacteria-resistant and less porous than actual stone countertops, even those covered with resin, so you’ll always have a clean and sterile surface to work with. If you want attractive countertops and to lessen the possibility of passing on foodborne illness, solid surface countertops are the way to go.

Why are solid surface countertops better for cleanliness?

Unlike quartz or granite countertops, which are made from slabs of natural stone, solid surface countertops are made from mineral dust, resin and pigments. Not only does that mean your countertop is completely customizable, so you’ll be able to get it in various colors and compositions, but your countertop won’t capture bacteria like natural stone can.

How much do solid surface countertops cost?

Solid surface counters are a nice midrange option—more expensive than laminate, but less expensive than natural stone. They are also super durable and are the only type of countertop that can be refinished with just an orbital sander, rather than having to hire a team to come to your home.

What does solid surface look like?

Solid surface countertops actually bear a pretty strong resemblance to stone, at least when compared to laminate. They don’t have the same kind of depth and dimension, but you’ll still get an attractive stone-like surface for your countertops. It’s a great way to get the look you want at a price tag you can afford.

Why choose solid surface over stone countertops?

When you’re trying to decide between solid surface and stone countertops, there are some key factors to remember:

  • Aesthetic value: While solid surface countertops don’t look exactly like stone, you can get a stone-like look and feeling because they’re made from mineral dust. It’s a clean, attractive look.
  • Cleanliness: Because solid surface countertops are less porous, they won’t trap bacteria, viruses and other pathogens underneath the surface. That means less chance of you and your family getting sick.
  • Cost effectiveness: Because solid surface countertops don’t require mining slabs of stone out of the ground, they don’t cost as much as actual stone countertops. That makes them a beautiful yet cost-effective selection for your countertop needs throughout the home.

Superior Surface installs solid surface countertops for both commercial and residential kitchens. When you want the most beautiful and sanitary counters for your home or business, we can help. Reach out to us today to get started and make your selection.