Are Granite Countertops Radioactive?

When shopping for new countertops and deciding between natural stone vs. granite, you may hear that granite is radioactive. It sounds like an internet myth at first, but it’s not technically wrong. In fact, the stone may contain traces of uranium, thorium or radium, which all decay into radon over the course of many centuries.

Radon and other naturally occurring elements found inside granite can emit beta and gamma radiation, but it’s highly unlikely that granite counters would ever put out unsafe amounts of radiation. In fact, there could be more radon coming from your foundation than your kitchen counters.

How can you identify radiation in your counters?

Sophisticated equipment is needed to uncover how much radon is coming from your counters. This gear isn’t available to the general public, so you’ll need to hire a professional to perform this test for you. A test could cost up to a few hundred dollars, but it’ll give you an accurate result of how much radon is present in your home.

Do you need to replace your counters if they are radioactive?

Let’s imagine that you schedule a test and find that there’s radon in your home. That’s a problem, as radon is a cancer-causing agent. But even if your home has radon, the levels coming from your granite counters won’t warrant replacement. The radiation levels are low enough on their own. Plus, granite is sealed, so there’s no way for the radiation to be harmful.

Should you invest in new countertops?

You shouldn’t replace your counters because you’re afraid of radiation, but investing in new natural stone vs. granite may be a good idea for other reasons. Here are a few reasons to upgrade your counters:

  • Better appearance: Your counters are often the first thing people notice when walking into your kitchen. If you’d like to elevate the look and feel of your entire kitchen, start with new countertops. Consider a light color to brighten the room and make the space seem bigger.
  • More functionality: New countertops can make your kitchen more functional. Talk to your design specialist about adding a center island or expanding your counter footprint to give you more space for meal prep.
  • Higher resale value: Adding new countertops can improve your home’s value when you put it on the market. The amount of value they add depends on the material you choose, but if you hire a professional to install them, you’ll definitely see some value boost.

What material should you choose?

There’s much debate about which countertop material is the best. The material you choose depends on a few things, including your personal taste and budget. In our opinion, solid surfaces are the way to go if you’re renovating your kitchen or bathroom. Solid surface counters will look great and add a ton of value. Plus, solid surfaces are antibacterial, easy to clean and nearly indestructible.

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