Why Solid Surface Countertops Are Making A Comeback

Kitchen,interior,with,solid,surface,islandWhy Solid Surface Countertops Are Making A Comeback

If you’re planning on renovating your kitchen, why not consider adding a solid surface countertop to it?


Many homeowners are choosing to go with solid surface countertops instead of granite, quartz or other natural stone options. The reason is simple: solid surface counters are extremely durable and easy to maintain, which makes them a popular choice among homeowners. Unlike laminate countertop materials, solid surface countertops are made from a composite of mineral fillers and a resin binder. This combination gives the material strength and durability, while also making it resistant to stains, heat, impact, bacteria and mold. And while a solid surface countertop might not be as sturdy or as durable as granite, it’s still one of the most sought-after types of kitchen countertops in 2023!

Easy To Maintain

In an age when homeowners are busy juggling a myriad of daily activities, a low-maintenance surface is key. That’s where solid surface countertops come in. A non-porous material, they are easy to clean with a single swipe of a clean cloth and a low-impact cleaning solution. They’re also easy to repair. Unlike laminate surfaces, they never suffer from through-body cracks, making them less likely to break down over time.


​For years, granite and quartz dominated the kitchen countertop and bathroom vanity market. It was a popular choice because it looked great and it was easy to install, but the rising price tag has made it a difficult sell in some markets. But the fact is that solid surface counters are now a much more affordable option. The cost of a new solid surface countertop can vary greatly depending on its size, the color and the type of surface chosen. For example, granite and quartz can range from $35 to $75 per square foot, while Corian can be as cheap as $40. With some research and shopping around, you can surely get gorgeous, high-end solid surface countertops at an affordable price.


When you’re remodeling your kitchen or bath, a solid surface countertop can add a new element of interest to your design. They’re available in hundreds of colors and patterns, ranging from smooth and polished to highly textured. Aside from looking great, these countertops are also easy to customize. They can be shaped and cut to fit almost any size or shape. They’re also a great choice for hygienic purposes, since they don’t have any pores that bacteria can hide in. And unlike wood, they don’t need to be resurfaced or repaired on a regular basis, making them a smart investment for your home!