What Is the Right Countertop Material for Your Kitchen?

When choosing countertops for your kitchen, homeowners may be spoiled with choices. However, before a kitchen remodel, there are many factors to consider when it comes to style, durability, and more. So you may wonder what countertop materials are there available for kitchens.

Here are four of the most popular materials on the market today and why these options may be a great choice for your kitchen.

Why Choose Solid Surface Countertops?

Solid surface countertops are made from a man-made material that is heat-, stain-, and scratch-resistant. They are also nonporous, so they resist bacteria and mold growth. 

This type of countertop is available in a variety of colors and patterns and can be customized to suit your specific kitchen design.

On average, you will pay $40-$80 per square foot.

Why Is Granite So Popular?

This hard stone is popular for a reason. No two granite countertops will ever look the same due to this natural stone’s unique aesthetic.

In addition to having a sought-after natural stone, homeowners also benefit from its heat- and scratch-resistant surface.

While granite is a low-maintenance material, it does require sealing every few years to prevent staining.

At about $60-$100 per square foot,  granite is expensive but worth the investment.

What Surface Can Mimic Other Looks?

Quartz countertops are made from a man-made material that is heat-, stain-, and scratch-resistant. 

They are also nonporous, so they resist bacteria and mold growth. Quartz countertops come in various colors and patterns and can be customized to suit your specific kitchen design. Have fun mimicking other looks with this material. It is also easy to clean.

What Is Laminate?

Laminate countertops are made from a man-made material that imitates the look of natural stone. These countertops are a low-maintenance option but can be damaged by heat and excessive moisture.

This material is one of the cheaper options at an average of $20-$50 per square foot.

Which Surface Is Best for Outdoors?

If you want a durable material that is great for outdoor use in addition to indoors, then consider investing in porcelain countertops. Porcelain is a beautiful material that is also great for fighting bacteria. 

Since porcelain is nonporous, you don’t have to worry about bacteria and germs remaining on the surface of your countertops. This material is also heat resistant, so it is great for food prep and other uses.

In conclusion, the question "What countertop is right for my home?", may require lots of thought. However, homeowners have many options for creating their ideal look. While you are remodeling your kitchen, think about usage, durability and upkeep. Some materials like granite require yearly sealing. Some materials are nonporous, which is great for preventing bacteria spread. Other materials are great for customization.