How Is Solid Surface Corian Made?

Solid surface counters are a great way to help make a home look put together, to create a great overall look, and create a surface that will last. The right counter can truly make a home. While full stone countertops are great, they can be very expensive and hard to get, so solid surface Corian is a great option.

What Is Solid Surface Corian?

Solid surface Corian is a material that is made from a process of blending an acrylic polymer with crushed minerals and stone-derived materials to give the look of stone and the overall feel of stone without the price, the weight, and the added hassle that come with stone counters. Corian is versatile; you can add color, texture and specific elements that are unique to your own tastes and to what you like.

Corian is also a bit lighter than solid stone countertops. They are going to be easy to customize, easy to choose, and are a bit more sustainable than stone counters. You are also going to be able to save money with this type of countertop over a fully stone countertop so that you can get a great look and a stone feel, without the real issue of having to try to find a counter that works for you and looks great.

Solid Surface Installation

It is important that if you choose a solid surface counter that you learn a little bit about what the overall process of installation is. With a solid surface counter, you will not be getting the counter in several pieces to be installed piece by piece. With solid countertops, they are often going to be measured and installed in one single piece.

This prevents the need for seams, creates a stronger countertop, and makes for a counter that will not need to be maintained and cleaned often. These solid countertops are great if you have kids, if you will be cleaning the counter often, or if you just want a counter that will last longer and be less likely to become damaged or show wear.

Solid countertops are great, but they do pose some problems. These counters do best when they are professionally installed. Professionals can properly measure, install and help you learn how to maintain your solid piece countertops.  Contact Superior Surface in Orangevale, CA for all your countertop needs. Our professional team can address all your countertop selection questions.