What Is Solid Surface and Why Is It a Good Choice for Shower Wall Surround Panels?

Stone is a very popular choice for shower surrounds. Things like stone tile, mosaic and more are all beautiful and can make a huge impact on the overall look and feel of your shower. These stone surrounds are durable, beautiful, and are super fun to customize for your shower space. There are some stone surrounds, however, called solid surface stone that may very well change the game.

Solid Surface Shower Walls and Shower Wall Installation

Solid surface stones are stone panels engineered in one large sheet and are most often uniform in color. They are also uniform in thickness and in their overall texture. These stone panels are a great choice if you want something that is beautiful and durable enough to last for years to come.

These stone solid surface panel walls are great for keeping out water, ensuring no issues like cracks or chips in the tiles, and preventing issues with cleaning grout or keeping mold out of grout. These solid stone panels can be imprinted with tile shapes to give the appearance of tile, but they require far less maintenance.

Why Choose Solid Surface Shower Walls

Solid surface walls will have the look and feel of tile, but they are not going to be put in piece by piece. They are not going to have grout that needs to be cleaned and that you have to keep mold off of, and they are not going to chip and crack or fall off as tiles may do with age.

Solid surface walls are great for shower wall installation as well because they are faster. This means that your installer will be able to install them faster than they would if they were putting in tile or mosaic pieces. These solid sheets of stone are going to be easy to put in place, easy to install and easy for your installer to get put up and ready to use as well.

These solid stone surrounds are beautiful, long-lasting, and they come in tons of different colors, finishes and designs. These surrounds are easy to clean as well — you can simply sponge them off with some cleaner, and you do not have to worry about potentially damaging your grout. These panels are generally thicker than most acrylic surrounds which means that they will last longer and be far more durable than other surrounds.

You can have these solid stone panels custom cut to your shower so that you can ensure you have a snug fit that also looks great. Solid stone panels are a great all-around option if you are looking for shower wall installation that is just as gorgeous as a mosaic, but that will be far easier to keep clean and maintain.