Can I Use Any Type of Glass Enclosure or Shower Pan System With Solid Surface Panels?

Shower styles are a very particular thing; what you love, another person might not like. That being said, when working on remodeling or building your shower, considering something like a solid stone panel for your shower can make it easier to get your shower done. When it comes to solid surface shower walls, you might be wondering if you can use any type of shower pan or glass enclosure, and you certainly can.

 Solid Surface Panel FAQ

Can You Use any Kind of Glass Enclosure with Solid Stone Panel Showers?

You can use any sort of glass enclosure or shower pan with your stone panel shower walls for a few reasons. For starters, these panels are very versatile; they are not something that has to be fitted to only a certain style of shower pan or a certain style of enclosure. These can be cut or fitted to nearly any shower.

These panels are also easy to fit to any size shower. This means if you have a shower that is an uncommon size or shape, you will not have to figure out how to work with the panels, and you can use the pan and framing that you already have in place. You can use a framed, unframed or even glass block shower enclosure with a solid stone panel shower surround.

You can use nearly any material, any size shower, and any foundation of your shower that you have in place to help make it look and work better for you. Plenty of materials work with solid stone shower panels, making them a great option for a huge range of homes.

What Material Is Best?

Any material will work best with this type of surround. Since these panels are going to be fixed right to the wall, they will be very secure. Since they are not making any freestanding structure, you can use any material to finish your shower enclosure.

This is a great option for a shower that you already have in place, but you might not want to change up the enclosure or change up the foundation of the shower. Solid stone panels are a great way to dress up an existing shower to get it looking great.

These panels are easy to install and work with a ton of different materials, making them very versatile. This is something that is going to be usable with a huge range of different showers so that you can really use the bones that you have in place without having to take the time to pull it all out and start over.