Corian® Design Launches 15 Bold New Surface Colors

When selecting a color of natural stone countertops, you’re limited to the colors that appear naturally in nature. While this ensures that each countertop is unique, it does present you with a relatively narrow set of color options.

Corian® solid-surface countertops, on the other hand, are made from synthetic materials. This means that the array of colors available is virtually limitless. Solid-surface countertops are not only available in a wide variety of colors, but they’re nonporous and seamless as well.

This article will dive into some of the new colors available for Corian® solid-surface countertops.

The Aggregate collection

One of six new color collections released by DuPont, the company that makes Corian® countertops, the Aggregate collection features four new colors that are more neutral and lower key. This collection strives to blend the industrial and the modern while offering a timeless feel. The colors themselves are Neutral Aggregate, light-gray Ash Aggregate, near-black Carbon Aggregate and toned-taupe Weathered Aggregate.

The Terrazzo collection

This collection aims for a mid-century modern look while implementing patterns with white, black and gray color palettes. An angular and understated style dominates these hues, as they’re equal parts subdued and tantalizing. Domino Terrazo features black particles on a white background; Pebble Terrazzo consists of a gray background and white flecks; and Basalt Terrazzo has a black background with white and gray accents.

The Linear collection

As the name suggests, this color collection features horizontal lines prominently within its colors’ patterns. These lines can be continuous or staggered, and the lines are soft and blurred, like a desert horizon. Silver Linear offers silver lines on an off-white background, and Sepia Linear contains brown lines on a cream-colored background.

The Nuwood collection

In addition to being able to imitate the look of natural stone, solid-surface countertops can be crafted to resemble natural wood as well. That’s what the Nuwood collection offers. These color schemes allow you to use a natural wooden aesthetic in areas where you wouldn’t otherwise be able to, like the kitchen or bathroom. The collection consists of Mahogany Nuwood, which provides a richer, earthier and darker wooden look, while Beech Nuwood gives the surface a creamier, lighter, sun-blasted appearance.

The Onyx collection

The power of solid-surface countertop color creation is on full display with the Onyx collection. Both colors are translucent stone tones that would work in any space, from a bathroom to a kitchen. Jade Onyx presents a light background with swirls twinged ever so lightly with seafoam green. Golden Onyx is a bit more traditional, offering a whirling, sand-colored pattern that’s reminiscent of the beach.

The Solid collection

The final two colors of the Corian® rollout are solid finishes known by the names Verdant and Laguna. Verdant is a serene earth-toned gray/green color that conjures up memories of peaceful rainfall. Laguna is a bit more emphatic. It’s a new take on navy blue that’s sharp and distinct and prompts mental visions of the open sea.

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These are just 15 of the newest Corian® solid-surface countertop colors available to you. If you’d like to discuss these or any other colors, call us at Superior Surface, where our skilled contractors can help provide you and your family with beautiful solid-surface countertops that could really tie your kitchen together.